Hang In There Card & Envelope

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I'm rooting for you! 

Cheer on your favorite houseplant parent or anyone at all, really! Sometimes all you need is to know that someone sees you hanging on and is cheering for you to make it. When you know someone needs a little snack of encouragement to get them through, this is the perfect card in our collection to convey your sincerest simple sentiments. 


Simple greeting card for anyone who needs cheering on. White background with a healthy green climbing hanging plant and black cursive text that says "hang in there". A message of support to give to a friend or include with a small gift. 

Card Details: 

  • Front Message: Hang in there
  • Inside Message: I'm rooting for you
  • Size (card, closed in envelope): 2.25 in. x 3.75 in.
  • Included: Each card ordered includes one side-opening envelope in Snack Gazebo Yellow with the Snack Gazebo Logo.

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