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Here a the 'bo (can we call it that?) we believe that there is a cuter way and we look to honor the sincerity of the messages people are sending, no matter the size, with a card that pulls it's weight. Whether you're looking to up your game from the profit sucking funeral-ready basic floral card selection you usually stock or you have a tiny product that needs a tiny (but mighty) snack sized message, or you just like little things, we are here for you!


Here's how to get set up: 


STEP 1: Email andrew@snackgazebo.com and we can assist in getting you set up as a wholesale customer in a matter of minutes! You will need to have a copy of your business license or resale certificate handy.  


STEP 2: Login to your brand spankin' new wholesale account and place an order immediately at discounted rates or snag a sample pack to start your shopping.


If you are looking to order in hundreds of cards at a time, you can order and re-order through our site. If you are looking for tens of hundreds at a time, we got you, but we'll send 'em direct.  Email us at andrew@snackgazebo.com to get set up.


We look Forward to Doing Business With You!