Thank You Rain Card & Envelope

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Don't save your gratitude for a rainy day! 

Some people just make rainy days do-able! When you are looking for a little way to say "Thank You" to someone for keeping you shielded from all sorts of trouble, this is the perfect card in our collection to include your sincerest gratitude!


Small Thank You card with blank inside. Blue background with rain pouring down and a classic umbrella in a tasteful floral pattern blocking the rain from the space below. "Thank you" printed in cursive below the umbrella, where the rain cannot reach. Simple message of Thank You to include with a token of your appreciation or a small gift. 

Card Details: 

  • Front Message: Thank You
  • Inside Message: (blank)
  • Size (card, closed in envelope): 2.25 in. x 3.75 in.
  • Included: Each card ordered includes one side-opening envelope in Snack Gazebo Yellow with the Snack Gazebo Logo.

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