I love You Stars Card & Envelope

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Must Be Written in the Stars!

Some love is meant to be. If you are looking for the perfect snack sized card to gift to someone you love eternally, this is the perfect card in our collection! Let them know you care astronomically! 


Card to let your loved one know you love them forever. Deep Blue starry background with "I <3 U" traced out as if they were constellations in yellow. A simple message of love to add to flowers, a small gift or your most sincere sentiments. 

Card Details: 

  • Front Message: I <3 U
  • Inside Message: Must be written in the stars 
  • Size (card, closed in envelope): 2.25 in. x 3.75 in.
  • Included: Each card ordered includes one side-opening envelope in Snack Gazebo Yellow with the Snack Gazebo Logo.

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